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Your Top Four Fashion Trends 2017

Do you look in your wardrobe and see lots of similar clothes? Are you part of the ‘nothing new’ movement – how many pairs of black trousers did you say you had? Sound familiar, then this season could tempt you out of your comfort zone – just a little!

The options are quite overwhelming with some of the most exciting trends I have seen in a long time to solve all your dressing dilemmas. So, say hello to your amazing new wardrobe choices. Ask yourself who do I want to be today and if you choose to, you can be several women in one day!

Trapped in black?

Are you sticking to safe, dark colours which do you no favours? If so, then why not try a rainbow bright? You could experiment with either yellow (make sure you have warmth to your skin-tone though) – the sunshine shade which is top of the colour pops this summer or pink – from salmon to cerise just make sure it’s powerful and punchy.

The block still rocks: so mix up vibrant shades or opt for a column of one colour, great if you are petite in size. Frightened of wearing colour then why not book a colour consultation? www.charismaeffect.co.uk for details.


This the season for the ‘romantics’ amongst you. Should you be a minimalist dresser this is your maximum trend. If you prefer a more elegant and chic look, you will throw up your hands in horror and hate this particular trend. The shops are full of supersize sleeves, asymmetric skirts and exaggerated ruffles.

As a personal stylist my advice is wear your ruffles with caution because they add volume. Or add a studded belt or biker jacket to that pretty dress or top to turn your ‘good girl’ look into a ‘bad girl’.


White shoes are officially ‘normcore’ in 2017! I don’t think we have seen the ‘white shoe’ trend since the 1960s, so if you haven’t already taken the plunge it’s time to follow the models on Paris Fashion Week. I am in London this week and they are really on show.

Don’t want a total ‘white out’ then invest in some coloured comfortable slip-ons or my personal favourite kitten heals as your shoe of choice.

Summer tailoring

Another trend we are seeing again in 2017 is tailoring. It’s a buttoned up look whether you invest in a shirt dress or a blazer style jacket. Your new Spring uniform should also include a trouser suit. With timeless tailoring like this it will work with a formal work wardrobe too and a fashion trend you can easily follow. Why not wear the jacket at the weekends with your funkiest jeans?

Tempted? Or are you going to wear the same as you wore last year? Go on, be a bit more adventurous get out of that comfort zone, choose to be someone different in 2017.

Ruffle dress from JD Williams