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Get your head around this! Fur hats to keep out the cold.

There’s a lot of great things about living in Swansea. I think one of the best is walking the Gower coastal path on those bright days. There was nothing like it on a recent walk! The sun was shining, waves breaking below on the cliffs and a bit of brisk exercise to blow those cobwebs away.
But – oh it has been sooo cold! So what does a girl wear to keep her head warm? A beanie or a balaclava or even worse a deputy dawg hat with sides? Oh no, not the Welsh lady in her true stylish way, she puts on her faux fur hat.
The coastal path is always very busy and so many of my fellow Welsh ladies looked fabulously stylish in their lovely siberian-inspired head gear.
They keep the cold out so well and you can choose from furry snoods and big hats – Cossack style – cuddling heads. Why not add mittens over paws or scarves draped over shoulders, both easy ways to add fur accents to your look?
If you want to move away from traditional fur colours then choose a colour contrast, the high street has rainbow bright numbers for a fun approach.
My personal favourite is my fur hat band, which I, of course was wearing on these walks. To let you into a secret I bought it for a friend for Christmas and ending up keeping it for myself I love it so much. This fur band keeps your ears warm but you don’t get too hot when your temperature builds as you walk.
So why not look in the last of the sales? You still get to wear it in the cold snap we are having. They are luxurious, comfy, warm, add a touch of the exotic and beautifully feminine, so why don’t you give one a try on the next cold sunny day we have?
Oh and one other thought. Why not go down to the Gower Coast to wear it? My recommendation would be do the coastal walk between Bracelet Bay and end up at Langland Bay for a sinful cake and hot chocolate in the café looking over the beach. Bliss!