6 ‘secret’ steps to a more stylish you…

ask yourself, do you know?


If not, then you need to book:


The colours that make you look vibrant and are in harmony with your natural colouring.


A Colour Consultation or a ‘Colour Me Confident’ workshop.


The right style clothes to suit your lifestyle, personality, body shape, height, scale and proportions.


A Style Consultation or ‘What to Wear’ Day.


Which make-up colours suit your skin tone and how to apply your make-up like a professional.


A Make-up Lesson.


How to create a capsule wardrobe.


A place on my Capsule Wardrobe Workshop.


How and where to shop to maximise your budget each season.


A Personal Shopping experience.


Ways to update your wardrobe twice a year with key fashion pieces.


A Fashion Update.

If the answer is yes to some and no to others then you are missing some ‘essential secrets’ and will be still wasting money on clothes you do not wear and be unsure what really suits you. So please get in touch on 07976 576176, to discuss your requirements, I am always happy to have an initial chat.

I really enjoyed the colour analysis, and was really surprised by my colours. I had been wearing the opposite! I do feel a lot better in my suited colours though, and it does make shopping a lot easier. I had a sort through my wardrobe and have two over flowing bin bags of clothes that were the wrong colours for me, which is a shame, but I will probably try and sell most of them on ebay, so at least they won’t have been a total waste of money. I am loving the lipstick too:). Thanks again. Sali.