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Red Alert – This Season’s Must-Wear Hue

The story of fashion is the story of colour. More than any other single factor, colour gives a garment (and the person who wears it) impact – both visually and emotionally. A woman walking towards you in a red dress tells a very different story than the same woman in blue. Red is associated with confidence and passion, blue subconsciously says trustworthy and authoritarian.

So, associated with strength, power and confidence, red is a colour that turns heads when you wear it. After spending 13 years in the personal styling business, my experience is that most ladies are nervous of wearing this ‘oh so bold’ colour.

Often this is because they don’t know which red suits them. Believe me, reds do vary in tone and intensity, so make sure you get the right red for you before you invest in this season’s hottest shade.

The idea is that the red tones with your hair, skin tone and eye colour and complements your natural colouring. If you wear the wrong red you will look older and overpowered in it – in other words it will wear you.

If you have a cool skin tone you need a blue red and if you have a warm skin tone you need an orangey red. Should you have muted tones in your hair you need a soft red, not a vibrant one – think claret!

In a sea of dark neutrals, red is fashion’s standout hue of choice this season.

This isn’t just an accent, it’s a top-to-toe red takeover – think varying tones clashed together for a stop-and-stare statement look.

However, there are still many other ways to wear it:

  1. Tonal tactics – mix different tones of red for a more sophisticated take on this trend.
  2. Texturise – contrasting textures is another key way to lift an all-red ensemble. Think of direct opposite finishes for the most successful clashes; leather with faux fur, or woolly knits against silk.
  3. Go solo – sometimes all you need to work a colour trend is one killer piece. As previously mentioned, pick the right red to flatter your skin tone in a dress, trousers and top or coat.
  4. Statement accessories – if you are having a less confident day then how about a red shoes or boot moment. I took a client personal shopping on Friday and on my suggestion she bought a pair of red ankle boots from M and S. She was delighted as she would never have dared pick them herself. I bet she is wearing them as you read this!

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