On a night like this …

Decorate and be dazzling – think embellishment with everything this season.

The most sociable time of year is almost upon us in Swansea. It starts with Beaujolais day in November (one of the few UK cities that still celebrate the coming of the new wine each year) and then the endless Christmas parties in December. Here in Wales, we love any excuse to dress up and have fun! So here’s my advice to help you shine!

As they say ‘a dog is for life, not just for Christmas’. This also applies to our party dresses this season. For the confirmed clubbers amongst you, you will have been wearing glitzy dresses every Saturday night, as they are so fashionable. So why not wear one of them to your Christmas party – a party dress is for life, not just for Christmas (well for this season, anyway)?

This age of glamour means we can wear metallic dresses, luxurious velvet, trophy cover-ups and glitzy embellished accessories to give your party wardrobe instant wow factor.

Dazzling details

Polish up your accent pieces in the wardrobe with flourishes of jewels and embroidery.

Add a 20s spin to your LBD with a little or a lot of embellishment. Think about your body shape and where you need to wear that detail.

If you are petite and need to look taller wear your embellishment the length of your dress, to make your shoulders look wide and balance your hips details on the shoulders and neck will work. If you have a bit of a tummy, avoid your twinkle in that area, as it will accentuate.

There is lots of fringing about too, which is great for hiding our challenges and they look great on the dance floor.


Get Christmas ready by wrapping yourself up in sequin overkill in as many colours as you like. Choose from dresses, tops and yes, you’ll never guess – sequinned trousers!

Buy in your best colour, great colours this Christmas are a teal that reminds me of mermaids, reds and of course black, if you prefer a more chic look.

I love sequins myself, being a bit of a drama queen. My husband is not so keen as he says they make his hands sore when we are doing a smoochey dance – bless! (Please don’t let my grown up sons see this bit, they think we are far too old to smooch.)

Lurex and all that glistens

If sequins and jewels are a bit much for you and you want to look more understated than shiny bauble, then try a dress with a metallic mix fabric instead or invest in a metallic knit that can be dresses up or down.

A trophy jacket is a wardrobe staple and will keep coming out of your wardrobe for years to come. Team your biker jacket with an elegant skirt for a different take on party wear.

Don’t keep it for best

So, think embellishment with and on everything. Embrace your inner romantic and wear pretty details on bags, shoes, hats, jumpers, skirts and in your hair. For once don’t think of the practicalities of – how will it wash?

Throw caution to the wind and decorate and dazzle in the daytime too – it will really add some Christmas cheer at the office.

Make sure you’re getting the perfect colours and styles by seeking expert advice from yours truly, or why not treat someone you love to a gift voucher for any amount you can afford? Shan.Williams@charismaeffect.co.uk