Personal shopping

I was thrilled with our shopping although, Philip was initially shocked by the number
of bags! He REALLY loved the outfits and the jewellery when I modelled them for him. Blue dress definitely going to the military cocktail party…
I will be sifting through out my wardrobe later this week and we may
need to arrange an Autumn visit to Cowbridge!  R x

Thank you so much for our shopping trip its so nice to finally have a wardrobe that I feel comfy in. I have had so many compliments, which is a nice change!  I really appreciate the way you listened to what I wanted and put your self in my shoes so that I have the perfect wardrobe for my age, lifestyle and without losing myself!  The Hobbs dress I have been promised for my birthday so I will know then!  I am already looking forward to getting my summer wardrobe sorted with you! Lots of love Lili xx (Age 24)

How can I thank you  enough?  What a brilliant session – and this from a confirmed avoider of all shops to do with clothing (unless absolutely necessary). I still cannot believe that we managed to get a whole holiday’s worth of clothes, shoes, handbag, jewellery and a watch all found and tried on in 2 hours!  I look forward to seeing you again in September for the Winter shop. thank you so very much – I’m still smiling With love Caroline

Mum’s just modelled all her new clothes for me; I can’t believe how fabulous she looks.- slimmer, younger, sexy and happy and all thanks to you!!! She’s thrilled to bits and had such a good time with you, you really are amazing and I can’t wait for my turn in a few weeks! Linda Lloyd

I have arrived home and unpacked all my lovely purchases – I am so thrilled with everything. I really did not expect to achieve SO much in those three hours and have a lovely capsule wardrobe, as well as a beautiful outfit for a friend’s special birthday do. I feel so excited, as for the first time in many years, I feel confident about what suits me, what to buy and definitely what NOT to buy!        Part of me wants to tell my friends, but part of me wants to keep you secret!! Thank you once again, Shan. Tricia Creedon

Just a quick note to thank you for my wonderful personal shopping experience with you recently! I am delighted with my new clothes – none of which I would have chosen without your help! I have never shopped at Hobbs before and am particularly pleased with this new discovery, as their clothes suit my style and shape so well. You always amaze me with your vision and ability to spot the right colours and shapes for individuals and it was a treat to have you ‘all to myself’ on this occasion. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone like me who may find themselves in a bit of a rut with their wardrobe and would love a little help from you to be able to approach clothes shopping in a whole new way. Sally Jones

Well! I had an amazing time!! Thank you so much! I loved it and it was so helpful looking at clothes with you and being guided so pleasantly away from some and towards others that would suit me better. I wore the Phase Eight brown/cream dress and long cardi today with some long high heeled brown boots at an event and felt a million dollars! It’s so nice to have some dresses and a new look.  So all in all a really great time and I love what I bought. My daughters have been telling everyone that I have had a personal shopper so you are famous! Thank you so very much for your time and patience. I normally am very indecisive and take back most things I buy, so you’ve no idea how decisive I was compared to normal. Thanks again Shan. You’re good fun to be with. Can we do it again sometime?! Love Sue

I have now got clothes in my wardrobe which  I am happy with. It is not ”what can I wear’ ‘ but  ‘which one shall I wear’. I am spoilt for choice. I do find it hard to see the colours  and style on me and was very pleased with the choices you made which I would never have chosen.  The shopping trip helped me see what you were showing me in the studio when I had my full-makeover consultation.  I would love to come back at a different season and get some more help. Thanks Shan, Rose

Colour analysis

Since my colour analysis I feel transformed. I never leave the house without make-up and only feel complete with my bright pink lipstick.

My wardrobe is a mass of bright colours and compared to its former navy and muted shades. I no longer go for the sale rack by shop by colour and dismiss anything that is the wrong shade. At last my clothes co-ordinate and packing is a breeze. I have received many compliments and had a few winks from the opposite sex. I would have preferred them to be a little younger but you can’t have it all! Helen Clements

Liz and I really enjoyed our morning with you and I came home thinking ……. right no more pink sweaters, so went and counted at least 5…………………….   It all made sense and we are going to try to come to your session about what clothes suit us.  Vicky McIntosh

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for the session yesterday – it was really great.  I feel a lot more confident now about colour and what suits and doesn’t suit me!    You helped make something that previously had seemed so confusing to me very clear and easy to follow and understand.  Thanks again  Amanda

It was great, just need to start buying bits now and having the colour chart is good I keep it in my handbag and when I go shopping will be getting it out. Also it was a very relaxed atmosphere and you made feel really comfortable and at ease. Michelle Alexander

I really enjoyed the colour analysis, and was really surprised by my colours. I had been wearing the opposite! I do feel a lot better in my suited colours though, and it does make shopping a lot easier. I had a sort through my wardrobe and have two over flowing bin bags of clothes that were the wrong colours for me, which is a shame, but I will probably try and sell most of them on ebay, so at least they won’t have been a total waste of money.  I am loving the lipstick too:). Thanks again. Sali.

Thank you for your help. I had a really good time on Friday and I have already sorted out my wardrobe. It is fantastic to know which colours I should be looking for. It will certainly save me time and money.  It has already boosted my confidence. Thank you once again for your help.  Jennie

Full make-over

I had a fantastic day and learnt so much from you, so thank you. I returned the
blue shrug  this morning and purchased 4 more tops.  Mum came with me and I
explained everything to her, you just might be meeting her in the not too
distant future.  We had lunch in The Hog (yum) and then from there spent a
glorious couple of hours at Malmesbury Abbey Gardens.

Juliet Wright

Many thanks for an interesting and enjoyable afternoon. I’ve been trying out my new colours and have found your advice really valuable. I can now focus on colours that suit me and skip past the rest. Your style advice has also helped a lot. I actually enjoyed my recent shopping trip! Hope all is well with you, and thanks again, it was lovely to meet you.

Eirian Samuel

Full make-over with shopping

I want to say a BIG, ENORMOUS Thank You for such a wonderful experience! The consultation was brilliant and has given me so much more confidence in, not only what colours to wear but, the styles of clothes that suit me best. The shopping trip was superb, it really helped in choosing things I probably would never have looked at before, in colours that I wouldn’t have considered suiting me. I kept all the things we bought. I look at clothes differently now- I don’t just buy any top or skirt I make careful consideration about each item before I buy- which means I’m not going to have a wardrobe full of clothes that I’m not going to wear! Which is saving me money! I have so much more confidence in myself and people say how amazing I look! I’ve had so many compliments from friends and family and strangers too! My husband can’t believe the transformation neither can my friends- I’ve let them in on how I achieved all this.  Some of them, whose dress sense I’ve admired, have come clean and admitted they’ve been to see you too! I wish I’d done it sooner!! Getting ready in a morning is so much easier because I know everything mixes and matches and will look good too! This goes down as a life changing experience with such positive aspects. A huge, huge Thank you. I’m looking forward to shopping for the next season now! Kind regards Moira

The highlight of my week away was the time spent with you – what a super fun time that was! I enjoyed every minute and was so enlightened regarding me and my body – was it really me you were talking about? Everyone loves my clothes and my new look. Thank you so very much for everything. I feel much more confident now and a permanent smile on my face. I hope very much to see you again in the Spring. Wendy King

I had a great time and learned a lot – no excuse to not look my best now! I spent some time today mixing and matching my new and old clothes and love them lol! My husband is impressed and we are planning to go out for a family lunch this weekend so I can show off my new style.  Many thanks and kind regards Claudia

Style consultation

Just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday, it was a great follow on session from the colours, I feel much more confident about going to choose my clothes  now , and  I can get the right styles to suit my shape,  I am looking forward to updating my wardrobe, ( and I will put some silver back in my hair).  Liz Sherman 

What to wear day

Thank you so much for Saturday afternoon, myself and Nicky found it interesting and informative.  We’ve both come to work today dressed completely differently to last week (we’re following our rules!) We both now have very little in our wardrobes, so will be doing some shopping soon.  For the first time in years we are actually both looking forward to this.

Kind regards. Elaine (and Nicky)

It was a pleasure meeting you and it was a very informative and fun day, I think we both came away with a lot of food for thought!! The day was perfectly paced with loads of very useful hints and tips, especially the bit about not wearing black! or white come to think of it, it really is an opportunity to clear my whole wardrobe and shop, which I will do with Emma once we have had our colours done. The way in which you explained the reasons behind what suited me and what didn’t helped to understand how to look at the clothes I wear and adjust my wardrobe accordingly. I look forward to the colour workshop on the 24th, thanks for an enlightening day.

Susan Owens

Thank you for a lovely day on Saturday. I did feel there was a lot to take in at the time but once I got home and was telling my daughter about what I’d leant I was surprised by how much I did remember and how confident I felt that it was right. I will spread the word amongst my friends about what a good day it is and how very friendly and warm you are. On both days we felt very comfortable and welcome and all the other ladies we met were also so lovely. Debbie Bennett

Colour me confident workshop

We all had a marvellous time yesterday, thank you so much for a great 3 hours!

I enjoyed the intimacy of a small group and felt you gave us all quality time to help us discover our colours! I particularly enjoyed going through the tops we had brought with us as I felt that really helped us start appreciating the colours  that suit us.

Thanks once again for your wonderful help and knowledge, the three hours flew by. It’s lovely to know you are on our doorstop to help with workshops and advice.  Best wishes to you, Shan! Mandi Francis

Thank you for your workshop. I had a really good time on Saturday and I have already sorted out my wardrobe. It is fantastic to know my own palette. Now, when I go to a shop, I will finally know which colours I should be looking for. It will save my time and money as hopefully there  will be no more regrettable shopping.  And no more mornings full of hesitation on how to co-ordinate my clothes:-).Strangely enough it has already boosted my confidence. So all in all I have definitely benefited from your workshop I would highly recommend it to everyone. Thank you once again for your help.        Jolanta Ciechan

Men’s and ladies full image

Thank you so much for you colour and style analysis session; we both enjoyed it and got so much out of it! I can especially speak for myself, as I found out so many colours I had no idea I could wear!

We had an afternoon shopping in Carmarthan followed by the cinema, and we were both able to buy a few new things. Having the colour booklet was extremely useful to keep whipping out!

I have also been shopping a lot this weekend online, and have been buying some lovely new things, often things which i may not have even considered otherwise! I was also glad that you were very keen to encourage what you called a persons “style personality”, the clothes just feel so much better to wear when they fit my style (cute, feminine and pretty).
Chris would also like to put in that you had a very nice house, and also, where might he try shopping for clothes to fit his style, especially fitted shirts? Thank you very much again.
Alice and Christian

Just a short note further to our session with you yesterday. Toni and I were both delighted.        Thank your for your enthusiasm in taking us through the Colour Me Beautiful Programme. We were impressed with your stamina and the way that you worked hard to make it relevant for our particular needs. Although I am now faced with a large clothes bill I found the experience helpful, liberating, and confidence-building. I look forward to the opportunity to recommend you to friends and colleagues. Thank you!

Richard and Toni Hovey

Men’s image and personal shopping

Well you have started something ! Its made me feel much more confident about clothes and I am amazed about the impact. I have been culling inappropriate clothes ( charity shops doing ok ) And lesley has been great in helping me in a bit of a spree ! New blue suit / shirts / sweaters etc. And also tailored shirts etc Thanks for your help and I had a great time. Bit of a revolution really – new man! All the best. Mr international cool ! John

Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for a truly wonderful day! Despite my initial trepidation (!), the very relaxed atmosphere, your great advice and the stress free shopping made today absolutely brilliant; I’ve never enjoyed shopping for clothes so much! I now understand the ‘rules’ and I feel more confident applying them. Today exceeded my expectations and I’m actually looking forward to sorting out my wardrobe. Thank you once again for yur help, excellent advice and a most enjoyable day.       Mike Lloyd

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