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Give it some wellie!

From Halloween to firework nights, long walks through woods and parks, roasts on a Sunday and snuggling under a cosy duvet, there are many things to love about winter.

Whether you get caught in a sudden downpour, it’s a week when it never seems to stop raining or you are the first person to leave footprints on a snow-covered street, wearing wellies is one way to embrace all things winter.

The Wellington boot dates back to the 18th century and they have been worn all over the world ever since as waterproof protection for work and latterly pleasure.

In Australia they are know as gumbies, the USA gum boots and here the humble wellie.

Maybe the most famous wearer other than the Duke of Wellington himself is Paddington bear. I was given a toy Paddington bear complete with duffle coat and yellow wellies for my 18th birthday. I can’t bare to part with him – pardon the pun!

What’s exciting about wellington boots now is that you can buy some fabulous ones, different colours, patterns and even florals – the choice is yours.  In fact Havaianas, famous for flip flops have spotted a gap in the market and have launched their own range. Joules also have a great range and don’t forget the more colourful the better! I even spotted some with heals on them recently – now you are talking, I thought.

I like nothing more than seeing young children enjoying wearing their wellies by jumping and splashing in every puddle on a walk. There is none of this having to be grown up for them. Sometimes – when no one is looking – I too jump in a puddle in my wellies! We can be too responsible as adults, you know, don’t you think?

So instead of dreading the drop in temperature and forthcoming British weather, why not compile a list of all the best things about winter – cold bright days, piles of autumn leaves, casseroles and my personal favourite mulled wine – not forgetting wearing wellies, of course.

Written by Shan Williams, Personal Stylist.

Liquorice allsorts wellies image courtesy of coolwellies.com