Baby, it’s cold outside!

knitwear 6Let’s get up close and warm in this season’s fabulous knits.

Now that the autumn leaves have fallen, it’s becoming clear that a few fashion trends are emerging.

If you are watching your pennies and you want your fashion buys to deliver this season, then there’s no better investment than the humble knit.

The key to credit crunch recovery shopping, is getting maximum wear from each item you buy. So choose carefully. Make sure you know what neckline and shape suits you.

The challenge with knits is that they add bulk, so if you are wearing larger than a size 12, ensure that you choose very soft knits with very little texture.

There are a few key trends this season though, that I honestly feel will be in the sales in January – why – because they are high necked or patterned, so are not for everyone.

The round necked sweater

When I have been taking many of my clients personal shopping recently for their winter wardrobe updates we were disappointed to find how many high neck sweaters (almost sweatshirt in design) there were. So unless you have a ‘swan-like’ neck they are a complete no, no. If you consider your neck to be shorter, then opt for a round neck cardigan in one of this season’s colours and open the top buttons to give the illusion of a longer neck.

The tartan or patterned sweater

Plaids have conquered the shop floor, from coats to trousers. But it’s the tartan sweater that may capture our hearts. Stella McCartney has designed one which is retailing at £699, however you can get this look on the High Street too, with a lovely red and black one in New Look for £17.99.

Tartans and plaids really suit ladies with straighter body shapes, so this is not your best look, if you are curvy – choose a patterned sweater instead.

Turtle or funnel neck

The turtle neck is between a round neck and a polo neck and stands slightly proud. They are usually in a boxy design and come in long and short sleeves, faux leather and other luxurious fabrics. Remember it’s all in the silhouette, so if you are wearing a boxy design, keep the bottom half trim and sleek, skinnies will be perfect.

Again, not flattering on larger busts and ladies with a shorter neck.  This look is definitely for you if you are tall and slim.

You will also find lots of wool dresses in the shops – so wearable! And I’ve even seen some ‘knit’ trainers at

Wearing knits is one of the best things about the winter – so cosy up and enjoy them.

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